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"Stay Safe, Travel Light: LilySpots Mini - Disinfect On-the-Go!"
Smallest and Lightest Design

LilySpots mini Hypochlorous Acid Maker (Generator) is a lightweight,  convenient, and eco-friendly disinfection solution. Ideal for office workers and travelers. Its quick and efficient operation ensures that you never have to be without a supply of safe and environmentally friendly disinfectant. It is a great solution for those seeking eco-conscious disinfectant options.

Design for Travel Convenience

LilySpots mini is the ultimate travel companion, weighing only 50 grams and being the smallest in the city, making it easy to fit in your carry-on luggage, allowing you to use it on planes, high-speed trains, or cruise ships without any hassle. Additionally, it's always a good idea to carry a travel sanitizer like LilySpots Mini for added protection against germs and viruses while on the go.


Fresh & High-efficacy Disinfectant

Try our electrolysis method with salt and water for a quick and affordable way to create a high-efficacy disinfectant without the need for other additives. Simply add water and salt,  shake until the salt dissolves completely, and quickly tap the button 3 times to start. You can choose between two modes: Cleaning mode (1 min, 80ppm) or Sterilizing mode (3 min, 200ppm) to suit your specific needs.


Cleaning mode

  • 1-minute to make 80ppm (Chlorine content) disinfectant water

  • Suitable for cleaning and disinfection of mobile phones, tableware, toys, hands, etc.

80ppm Hypochlorous Acid Water

In addition, the special chlorine concentration formula is suitable for cleaning and disinfecting mobile phones and tablet screens. It can remove fingerprints, oil stains, and odors, and is more comprehensive than general screen cleaners on the market. Just spray or wipe the screen to make it clean and bright like new, replacing traditional screen cleaning liquids.


Sterilizing mode

  • 3-minutes to make 200ppm (Chlorine content) disinfectant water

  • Suitable for disinfection of seats, luggage, toilets, bathtubs, and trash cans, etc.

International Accredited Laboratory Testing

Awarded the dual EU standards EN1276 and EN14476 certification as well as China standards. It is capable of effectively killing 99.99% of the Coronavirus within 15 seconds, and has a bacteria elimination rate of up to 99.9999%, including Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Candida albicans, and Staphylococcus aureus, making it a trustworthy option for epidemic prevention.

3 reports with Monkeypox- LilySpots-ENG.jpg

Smart Detection in Excessive Salt Technology

The engineering design details behind LilySpots mini make the product more precise and reliable. The built-in specialized sensor detects the salt content of the bottle 60 times per second. This real-time monitoring of each batch of hypochlorous acid water ensures that the chlorine concentration meets international standards.

Video demo:

ES Tech.jpg

Neutral pH Value

LilySpots mini features "Smart Detection in Excessive Salt Technology" and a neutral pH value of approximately pH6.5, making it safe and gentle on the skin.


Standard Size M24 Tooth Spray Head

LilySpots mini uses the internationally standard size M24 tooth spray head, allowing users to replace compatible spray heads at any time, extending the use of the product.


Long Runtime and Quick Charging

LilySpots mini only requires 1 hour of charging, for 80ppm hypochlorous acid solution up to 36 times, or 200ppm hypochlorous acid solution up to 12 times, providing a convenient and time-saving solution.


During the epidemic, people generally used 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Gel when going out. After using it for a while, many users found that their skin was gradually getting worse, and then hypochlorous acid disinfectant water became popular. Its advantages are that it does not contain alcohol ingredients, is non-flammable, made of natural ingredients, and has a mild nature, and its sterilization efficiency is higher than alcohol, but the price is relatively expensive. A small bottle of 2 Oz sells for about US10. However, it is quickly used up and not cost-effective in the long run.


Environmentally Friendly and Economical Option

LilySpots mini is a cost-effective and eco-friendly disinfection that can be used daily, providing peace of mind through its long-term use.

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