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The name LilySpots is derived from the combination of the words "Lily" and "Spots," symbolizing the trumpet-shaped instantaneous dynamic beauty when spraying and the water bead image formed by the natural drop of water droplets, Showing an exquisite artistic pattern. The implicit meaning of the lily language can evoke pleasant associations, which is also the vision of the LilySpots brand.

Embodies people-centered design thinking and continually strives to improve product quality. The goal is to allow customers to deeply experience the connotation and enthusiasm of the LilySpots brand and to add environmental elements to maintain a beautiful natural environment for the earth to contribute.


LilySpots offical story.jpg

LilySpots mini was prompted by the shortage of disinfectants caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and to solve the problem of insufficient cleaning and disinfectants when working outdoors or on the go. The product is designed to be lightweight and portable, allowing people to generate multi-purpose disinfectant water anytime, anywhere, with a quick 1-minute process to provide freshly-made hypochlorous water to protect themselves and those around them. The generated hypochlorous water has a high-efficiency sterilization and disinfection, a neutral pH value, and is both economical and environmentally friendly.

EAN: 4897092150128

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